Still having a DNS issue on my own server. Driving me nuts! Just got to wait for my VPS hosting support to have a look and hopefully it'd be fixed soon. Causing a load of images to not be loading, really annoying 😔

What model should journalism take on Mastodon? 

@stokel Perhaps a short to medium description of findings/observations and a link to an article on a news or their own website. Less clutter and long threads, and those who are interested can pop on the website for a more in-depth read. I currently follow @BBC (not official I think), but it's perfect - just what you need to know if you're interested.

@toys0ldier I actually really like the web UI of Mastodon. I don't think there is a point of modernising for the point of modernising UI. We use a ticket system at work and the UI is god-awful for the agents, and alright for the end user, but I don't think I would actually like the back UI to become 'modern'. It tends to just have fewer features and add extra clicks for the ones left.

@seb_ly is there quite high accuracy in your software and do you have options for weather conditions? It looks really cool!!

@seb_ly I did have a look at some firework simulation software near Bonfire Night and the very few options are very expensive!!

censorship, birdsite, civil rights, policy 

@mekkaokereke I imagine that since the fediverse is completely decentralised, it would be the responsibility of the instance owner (i.e. the entity serving and hosting data) to provide the data they hold under laws under which they are required to comply. And since all the instances receive and store data and images from other federated servers, they may also be required to provide this data. P.S. I am not a lawyer and this is interpretation.

@seb_ly Something I sometimes wonder about light/pyrotechnic shows: is the visualisation/simulation software expensive? Or is it one of your own? And do they have music import for sync or do people do that themselves?

@paco This is why I have never liked people using personal image hosting servers and putting those links online. You lose the pictures and have little/no context to the text.

Back in 2010 #twitter launched their “” link shortened. And I thought at the time how profoundly terrible that is. If the database and/or ability to look up links ever changed, we would literally lose information. We will no longer know what URL was tweeted. It burns a huge hunk of internet history to the ground if we lose that. It was vain and shortsighted and stupid. Now in 2022, I wonder how many months we have left when we can resolve those links. And what happens to collective internet history when they’re done?

In another funny twist, what about trials or legal matters that hinge on the content of a tweet? And suddenly you can’t get the content of that tweet? Or where did that link point to?

Nobody saw this coming except for all of us who saw this coming.

@wild1145 I've been having issues with my own instance - my VPS' DNS server keeps not returning IPs with domains, so every time the instance would go to federate, they'd all fail. Works again on reboot, but then seems to come back. Will see what my provider says tomorrow or the day after. Oh the joys of sysadmin - and this is only for a two user instance!!

@wild1145 Sounds good! Might be worth trying a few out, seeing which one is better - but on second thoughts, that might be a bit too much effort if the current one is working and you'd probably need to give each some time to settle in while testing 😆

@tdp_org At one point I had notifications on my phone browser and the Android app which caused double notifications, but it probably isn't that. Perhaps it would be worth getting in touch with your instance's administrator/moderators.

Now @Raspberry_Pi has its own @Mastodon instance, and because we’re committed to supporting platforms that support us, we’re putting our money where our mouth is. We have become a platinum sponsor of #Mastodon. In case you don't know Mastodon is a non-profit corporation based in Germany supported by both its sponsors and patreons. #TwitterMigration

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@wild1145 At least it's a good way to make sure you can upload images on your instance 😄

This is now happening on every single image 😔 It's a sea of "not available"

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