In today's "it's fun being on the internet", I've found that a single UK NHS hospital trust IP address is making 12 million plaintext HTTP requests for *every day*.

User-Agent is "CITRIXRECEIVER" (always fun).

140 RPS "is the internet working" poller FTW 🤣

@tdp_org Tell them to use ICANN can take the hits instead :)

@Raspberry_Pi Great, interesting article. About not keeping it online due to power blackouts, perhaps he could use a battery somehow to keep it online. Bit like a UPS - charged all the time until the power goes out and the battery is no longer being charged. Amazing project nonetheless.

Concerned about the potential of rising radiation levels in #Ukraine, Dmytro Panin has set about monitoring them:


@april I must admit, I imagine all of the colours mean something, but from the mock-up on the website it actually makes it more difficult to read in my opinion! Perhaps I am an odd one out though.

@wild1145 I've always been intrigued by these apps, but I am always scared we'll end up with things we don't like that we'd throw away anyway. I think perhaps Greggs is quite a safe one, as I like most meats and doughnuts and things.

@w7voa This is actually really rude imo. Journalists give Twitter the chance to state their case in articles, and this is what they get in return. What a lovely man...

We are starting to see an increase in failures hitting - If you're still on that server or have friends on that server, could I suggest to encourage them to move off ASAP as the longer they wait the less likely it is that followers can be moved through the normal migration (It won't work if the server is down for example!)

@neil Indeed, they are by far one of the only UK gov departments that seem to care both about companies/organisations and also the layman. Perhaps because most of their staff are in the north (Wimslow), but I may also be biased in that respect! Always answer their emails to either party in a timely manner. But could do with less of a delay on reported GDPR cases (weeks to even get assigned a case officer). Hope it isn't ruined by the gov trying to change DPA!

@neil The ICO's guidance is already pretty easy to understand, but perhaps guidance regarding specific parts of DPA/GDPR might be useful for some admins.

I said to my engineering colleague “hopefully it’ll be a quieter day today”, just before we discovered a glue crate had popped a power supply which took out 6 cards and the entire mixer programme distribution. Nothing wakes you up quicker than the adrenaline of a live tv show that actually can’t go live!

@delroth Ah! Disaster. What about editing with the pen tool? I imagine that must overwrite? Just thinking of all the screenshots I have made on my Pixel. And I hope bird site, Mastodon, WhatsApp, etc. don't use the og files, so this can't be done?

@SecurityWriter I did have one situation where a company and the company that develops for them didn't even reply or thank me, but fixed the issue silently. Why??? 🤷‍♂️ I did have a good experience with this company though, but they didn't want to be named which is fair enough

@Gargron Still excited about Mastodon merchandise... any update? 😄

If you get a moment, please read this brilliant leaked letter from the directors of BBC Singers about BBC funding.

@IceCubesApp I think when designing new features for a client, you should think about two things. 1. The users of your client and 2. the fediverse community as a whole. In the case of this feature, I can't particularly think of a way it benefits either in the long term. It's a nice (and I imagine well coded and well implemented) gimmick, but will real benefit come to either parties? I think not, but perhaps I am wrong.

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