@tdp_org Any plans to migrate from using to host CDN content on Obviously the BBC would probably keep the domain anyway, so no cost saving in that respect, and the cost saving would be minimal anyway. But I'd imagine the 'BBCi' brand domains to be phased out at some point. Perhaps, if you get in touch with BBC R&D you could get as a pilot for the ngTLD!

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@eddie No plans that I'm aware of. is cookie-free and hosts different content to and
We do serve and BBC com from CDN, indeed they're on CDN ask the time outside the UK.
The whole .BBC debate rages on, I don't think anyone has an especially useful or compelling proposal to use it, it'd be likely to cause confusion to our less technical audience - which is the majority.

@tdp_org Indeed, which is perhaps why using it for technical, behind the scenes domains might be a good use to get your money's worth. Mainly a joke in my earlier post, but there is an element of 'getting your money's worth' in the BBC because of the way it is part-funded by public money, but mind you it might cost even more to maintain the TLD if it were to be used.

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