@richardwcollins Hi Richard. Might be a bit of an 'out there' question, but I'm sure from your work you've heard the delays when doing outside broadcasts on the news. Is there any reason why the gallery don't just time the delay and queue in the broadcaster however many seconds early (e.g. before the vision is mixed)? Is the delay variable i.e. the delay could change between setup and broadcast? Just something I've always wondered about!

Hi @eddie, We do that when we can, but if the remote reporter need to hear the question, if the line isn’t great, or if it’s just too busy, then we often just stick with the natural flow. If it’s a prepared cue coming out of a recorded package then very often a remote reporter would be cued early, but it can be a strange experience too, essentially starting to talk well before the end of the package (while it is still playing in their ear).

@richardwcollins wow, great insight into the ✨ world of TV ✨
I guess it makes sense and it would definitely feel weird speaking before the packet ends!

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