Since when has blocking DevTools been an actual security measure? Do they really not understand that everything that is in DevTools is downloaded the computer anyway? Blocking DevTools does absolutely nothing.

@tdp_org Any plans to migrate from using to host CDN content on Obviously the BBC would probably keep the domain anyway, so no cost saving in that respect, and the cost saving would be minimal anyway. But I'd imagine the 'BBCi' brand domains to be phased out at some point. Perhaps, if you get in touch with BBC R&D you could get as a pilot for the ngTLD!

While I'll be happy to credit you, note that please only share your own ideas, and that, unless otherwise stated by yourself, you are giving me permission to use your idea on the web!

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So, I am the new owner of the domain. I could sell it... or make something cool on it. Anyone have any ideas on what I should do with it?

Devs: We should add a kiosk mode to make the application safer.
Manager: No time for such nonsense, deploy it now.

Here's a thought:
If your app requires me to have devtools open to look at network request responses to see what's going on or to find a fix to an issue, then there's a problem with it.
"An error occured", doesn't tell much

A big thank you to all the devs who do put in the effort to make descriptive error messages :)

DF has a good summation of this latest revelation.

Even without these leaks if you add up the lack of communication, only impacting the top 25-50 Twitter API clients and clients showing up as suspended in the dev. dashboard. The only conclusion at this point is that it was intentional and not any kind of bug.

For the record, still no official or even unofficial communication from anyone within Twitter.

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#Mastodon is hiring!

› Remote-only
› Full-time

Looking for:

› DevOps Engineer
› Product Designer

It could be you! Apply now:

The cheek of linking to the ICO's page on cookies, while breaking the legislation they enforce!!
Good opportunity to say that it's far too common to implement 'cookie walls' on websites (I have even done it myself), but be aware that is not-compliant in the UK, and usually the EU!

Aliens out for a walk at Battery Park, Ontario on Boxing Day
Blizzard photos of lamp posts by Ralph T.T. Yeung #Photography

I'm sure that Lastpass setting the delete account div to display: none was a perfectly coincidental defect

*cough, cough* take notes, Amazon
*cough, cough* take notes, Evri

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This week I have discovered one of the only companies who actively ask you to call them when you have an issue, rather than hide their phone number and make you fill out forms or chats or emails - NS&I. And their phone lines are open until 8pm on weekdays! Weird seeing a big company give out their real phone numbers to get to humans to customers - crazy that it's a minority of big companies now!

Unredacter: Shows you why y should never ever ever use pixelation as a redaction technique ..


Announcing the release of MuseScore 4!

The largest release I have ever worked on. Features a new audio engine; new orchestral library; VSTi support; an engraving overhaul; a new UI and hundreds of feature improvements.


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