Still having a DNS issue on my own server. Driving me nuts! Just got to wait for my VPS hosting support to have a look and hopefully it'd be fixed soon. Causing a load of images to not be loading, really annoying 😔

Back in 2010 #twitter launched their “” link shortened. And I thought at the time how profoundly terrible that is. If the database and/or ability to look up links ever changed, we would literally lose information. We will no longer know what URL was tweeted. It burns a huge hunk of internet history to the ground if we lose that. It was vain and shortsighted and stupid. Now in 2022, I wonder how many months we have left when we can resolve those links. And what happens to collective internet history when they’re done?

In another funny twist, what about trials or legal matters that hinge on the content of a tweet? And suddenly you can’t get the content of that tweet? Or where did that link point to?

Nobody saw this coming except for all of us who saw this coming.

Now @Raspberry_Pi has its own @Mastodon instance, and because we’re committed to supporting platforms that support us, we’re putting our money where our mouth is. We have become a platinum sponsor of #Mastodon. In case you don't know Mastodon is a non-profit corporation based in Germany supported by both its sponsors and patreons. #TwitterMigration

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This is now happening on every single image 😔 It's a sea of "not available"

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It’s funny, many of the “what you need to know about Mastodon” or “how to learn about the fediverse” pieces are focused on the technology and the implementation, when the hardest thing for people to understand about this context, if they’re used to traditional social media & tech, is that here we have an expectation of _consent_. Consent if you want to be included in a conversation, consent about being amplified, consent in the form of CWs on topics that you want to manage, etc. That’s it! 🎯

Hi admins and other folk! Does anyone know if I can set images to re-download after some time if they fail the first time on my instance? I keep going onto my custom instance and seeing "not available" instead of the images. Or if anyone has any idea what's causing the issue, it would be great to know. Thanks in advance 😄

Good spot, this by @bicycle - Microsoft Edge has added "Microsoft Editor", which sends your typing to Microsoft, and it's enabled by default.

The #fediverse, including #Mastodon are highly internationally distributed, and there is no algorithm localizing your feed.

Please place news and politics behind a CW. You'll actually get more engagement that way, while keeping this platform from becoming an anxiety-inducing, and internationally irrelevant, hellscape.

#FediTips #TwitterMigration


Haemochromatosis UK - a charity of which I’m patron- launches a health check for #Liverpool’s most common, undiagnosed genetic condition - #haemochromatosis - this week.

It’s hoped to reach over 300,000 households across #Merseyside this month. I carry a gene variant for the condition myself. It’s easy to test for, and effective to treat, but dangerous if undiagnosed.

If you’re in the area, look out for it :-)

More info here:

Hey, so, we've hit 1,028,362 monthly active users across the network today. 1,124 new Mastodon servers since Oct 27, and 489,003 new users. That's pretty cool.

@richardwcollins Hi Richard. Might be a bit of an 'out there' question, but I'm sure from your work you've heard the delays when doing outside broadcasts on the news. Is there any reason why the gallery don't just time the delay and queue in the broadcaster however many seconds early (e.g. before the vision is mixed)? Is the delay variable i.e. the delay could change between setup and broadcast? Just something I've always wondered about!

So I think I'm supposed to do some kind of ...
Hi! I'm Eddie and I'm an IT Apprentice in Manchester. I work at a factory that makes Cushelle toilet roll and Plenty kitchen roll, which you might be familiar with if you are in the UK. I do some website stuff here and there and am currently working on archiving as much so I can keep all the things I like e.g. music, TV Programmes. It scares me that someone can take content, etc. away from you with no warning.

Looks like this might be because of some previous phishing activities on the IP address I have got from Contabo.

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@Floppy Hi! I just joined Mastodon and have been playing around with it. Great seeing all of the different instances. Assuming you own the domain yourself, because requires individual status. Must be quite a challenge with all the new users!

For some reason, Google have flagged my server as "dangerous" saying that they have detected phishing. What?? Really annoying to have to skip past a big red screen every time I log on. I have submitted a request thing saying it isn't but I don't know if they actually action those. 😭

Struggling with timeouts, server offline, or error hosts? 🙅‍♂️ It’s not just you.

The massive influx of people from #twittermigration is putting a strain on bigger instances (the server you signed up to).

They are mostly run by volunteers, frantically working in the background to patch holes and upgrade the infrastructure to meet demand. It’s not the whole of #mastodon that’s down.

My best advice? Make yourself a drink, let the cat out, and it’ll be running smoothly again soon 🤗

I wrote up some instructions on how to enable the "Edit button" on your Mastodon instance, if anyone's interested.

Basically edit
1. app/javascript/mastodon/components/status_action_bar.js
2. app/javascript/mastodon/features/status/components/action_bar.js

Uncomment menu.push({ text: intl.formatMessage(messages.edit), action: this.handleEditClick });

Do a yarn run build:production and restart your Mastodon services and that should enable it!

Boosts appreciated 🔁

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